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Buck Teeth Pacifier

This amazing buck teeth pacifier is perfect for your baby's teeth! It is made of durable plastic and has a variety of designs and symbols on it, making it a great accessory for any baby's teeth.

Pacifier With Teeth

The pacifier is a toothbrush that is used to protect the incisors of the toothbrush. It is used to brush against the pacifier and to keep the pacifier from getting in the teeth.

Buck Tooth Pacifier

This new pacifier has a funny yellowbuck tooth on it. It is a perfect accessory for any new parent's toothbrush. the bubba teeth pacifier is a funny newpacifier that is made to make you happy and smile. It is new because it is a joke, and it is made to be wrapped in a package as a funny piece of art. this is a great for baby's who areleaving their teethbrush out all day long. The buck teeth pacifier helps keep your child's teeth clean and healthy. the buck teeth pacifier is a great way to keep your baby close while napping or sleeping. The pacifier feels like it belongs to your baby and is a helpful aside while napping or while shopping.